B and D Letter Reversal Activities

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B and D Letter Reversal Activities are free printables designed for young learners with learning disabilities learning how to read and write who get confused with which way the letters b and d face. This B and D letter reversal activities is made to help them learn which way the letters b and d face. While this is a common problem with younger learners, the low prep activities in this pack can help them understand and remember the difference.

Learners will dot, cover, sort, trace, build, and write lowercase b and d as they use the activities in this pack. The activities work best for Pre-K through 2nd grade.

Technical Specifications: 

This pack includes:

  • large, medium, and small posters for b and d letter reversals
  • letter construction pages
  • dot pages
  • no prep worksheets
  • letter tracing pages
  • letter puzzles*
  • mazes and games
  • blackline resources


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B and D letter reversal activities

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