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Blood Sugar Test Strip

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Blood Buddy

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To design a prototype of a child-friendly glucose meter for children with diabetes or other blood-sugar related conditions. For adults with diabetes, checking blood glucose levels up to 10 times a day can be bothersome, but for children the painful finger pricking can be especially difficult. The Blood Buddy is designed to make glucose testing a little easier for children. The testing device takes the form of a whimsical character that appears to "chomp" on the


Blood sugar test strips for diabetics who are self monitoring blood sugar levels. designed for use with Glucometer meter, see separate entry. Can be direct read using color chart, up to glucose levels of 250 mg/dl. Wet wash strip: blood is applied to chemically treated pad on strip, then washed off in stream of water, blotted dry and compared to color chart or read in meter. One treated pad per strip. Color blocks at 0, 25, 45, 90, 130, 175, and 250 mg/dl.

Freestyle Lite® Blood Glucose Test Strips

These Freestyle Lite® Test Strips are designed for use by individuals who have diabetes or for persons who have to check their blood regularly, as it is designed for in vitro blood glucose testing.. No coding required. Target blood sample for easy application and fast uptake. Includes ZIPWIK™ tabs, which break the surface of the blood samplr. Instant wicking of blood.

Onetouch Test Strips With Fastdraw

OneTouch Test Strips with FastDraw are blood sugar test strips designed for use by individuals with diabetes. These strips require only a speck of blood for testing and can be used with the OneTouch Ultra2, OneTouch UltraSmart, and OneTouch UltraMini (see entries). The testing confirmation window the confirmation window shows when enough blood has been applied.

Sidekick Blood Glucose Testing System

The Sidekick Blood Glucose Testing System is a glucose analyzer and blood sugar test strip dispenser designed for use by individuals with diabetes. This all-in-one disposable blood glucose testing system includes 50 test strips with a built-in blood glucose meter. The meter presents results in five seconds using a one microliter blood sample. The user inserts the strip and the test is performed automatically. The blood sample can be taken from the forearm or fingertip.

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