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Voice Input Module

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Echo Smartpen

The Echo Smartpen is a scanner and digital recorder that records handwritten notes and accompanying audio commentary for people with developmental, learning, cognitive or memory disabilities. The Echo is a functioning pen that uses a high-speed infrared camera to record everything it writes. It also has a microphone embedded in the pen that records lectures or audio notes made by the user to augment the written material. The Echo has an ARM 9 processor, and video and audio recordings are stored


Speak4Use is an environmental control system and voice input and environmental control program designed for people who are blind or have low vision or who have mobility disabilities. It is designed to provide wireless voice control of a person's computer as well as environmental, communications and entertainment systems that are connected to the computer. After installing the Speak4Use (S4U) software on a computer, the user adds the S4U Environment Controller (included) which provides the voice

Talking Food Cans

The Talking Food Cans are designed for the visually impaired, who have difficulty identifying different objects or similar shapes. This product is meant to help these individuals to keep track of what is in their pantry. The user’s voice can be recorded, telling contents of the can and press button to hear the message played back. Reusable and re-recordable. The product is a magnetic yellow cap that sits on top of any sized steel can. The cap is not just limited to canned food. Using special met

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