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Universal Modem

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The Intele-Modem is an external modem that automatically converts ASCII code to Baudot code, enabling the user to talk to various types of TDDs and computers and to use a personal computer (PC) as a telecommunication device. Intele-Modem connects directly to the phone line and works with standard communication software (AT/Hayes compatible command set) and BBS (bulletin board system) software. The unit automatically detects ASCII and Baudot calls; lights on the front panel indicate the current o

Nexcom 300 (Models 300Vi & 300Ve) & Nextalk For Windows

The Nexcom 300, models 300vi and 300ve, are universal modems designed for "text telephone" use and includes support for TTY calls and standard modem ASCII calls for individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing. The 300vi has an internal card modem and the 300ve has an external modem. The NexCom 300 features autodetection between standard modems, TTY's and Fax for incoming and outgoing calls. It allows standard modem and TTY call transfers, enabling a call to be put on hold and transferred to ano

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