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Keyboard Support

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Advantage Arm Keyboard Support Mechanism

The Advantage Arm Keyboard Support Mechanism is a keyboard tray support arm designed for use in wheelchair accessible computer workstations. The unit features an extended, fully adjustable spring-assisted arm with a lock/release mechanism. The spring-assist feature offsets keyboard weight. The unit is fully retractable. A closed fist can be used to lock and unlock a single, large, horizontal lever on the front of the unit for setting height and tilt position. To adjust the keyboard tray, the use

Articulating Keyboard Support (Model 9026)

The Articulating Keyboard Support, model 9026, is a keyboard support arm designed to support a keyboard platform (not included) in an accessible and ergonomic position. This articulating mechanism mounts beneath a desk and allows the user to adjust the keyboard height. The platform tilts 15 degrees. The unit slides under the work surface when not in use. DIMENSIONS: 2.5 inches high with a 17.75 inch slide track. COLOR: Black.

Articulating Keyboard Support (Model 9041)

The Articulating Keyboard Support, model 9041, is a keyboard support arm designed to provide keyboard access and position the keyboard to prevent repetitive strain injury. This unit mounts the keyboard beneath the desk, and allows the user to adjust its height and angle. The keyboard platform (not included) tilts plus or minus 15 degrees. The platform slides along a track mounted under the work surface and tucks away when not in use. OPTIONS: Large keyboard platform with left or right mouse tray

Fellowes Ergonomic Keyboard Wristrest

The Fellowes Ergonomic Keyboard Wristrest provides support while redistributing pressure points within the wrist. The covering is able to withstand daily wear and tear, and the non-skid base holds the wristrest firmly in place.

Keyboard Rest

---- CUSTOMIZED ADAPTATION --------- PURPOSE: To create a custom adapted keyboard rest for an individual with autism and communication disabilities. This individual uses his computer as his way of “speaking” using a special keyboard with large to keys to type in words, one letter at a time. The individual’s motor control and visual control were best when the keyboard was on an angle. Unable to locate a commercially available stand to meet his needs, a custom adapted keyboard stand was designed a

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