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Electric Page Turner

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Gewa Page Turner

Gewa Page Turner is an automatic page turning system that can accomodate most textbooks, paperbacks, magazines, and smaller newspapers, of maximum size 12 x 9 inches, and 2 inches thick. A built-in clamp attaches the Page Turner to support item, and unit can be tilted for bed reading. A rubber roller manipulates pages forward and backward, singly or continuously, with no adjustments necessary for size, texture or style of document. Options of multi-switch or single switch controls are available


QiCare is a voice- or switch-controlled page turner designed for use by invidulas with mobility or severe physical disabilities. To use, the magazine or periodical is placed on the unit's reading surface and fixed in place with the built-in fastener. When activated by signal, this page-turning system uses a gentle movement to leaf through the pages, either forwards or backwards. The unit can be operated using a variety of controls, including voice control; Piko dual switch; finger switch; or pro

Touch Turner.

Touch Turner is a device that holds books and magazines, turning the pages automatically. Once a book is placed on the stand, the user can turn the pages simply by activating a single or dual switch. Activating the switch causes electrically powered turning arms to turn one page at a time. Three models of Touch Turner are available: one that turns pages of hardcover books and magazines in one direction (single switch), one that turns pages of hardcover books and magazines in either direction (du

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