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Slant Board

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Alimed Notebook Computer Wrist Rest (Model S5361)

The Alimed Notebook Computer Wrist Rest, model S5361, is a wrist support pad designed to reduce wrist strain for individuals suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. It maintains a neutral position for the wrist while reducing strain associated with repetitive motion tasks. The pad is made of an open- cell viscoelastic foam that conforms to the user's wrist, and is mounted on an angled tray that supports the laptop or notebook computer, positioning it at the most comfortable angle for typing. The

Collapsible Slant Boards

The Collapsible Slant Boards are ultra light weight collapsible slant boards (approximately 20 degrees) designed for individuals in wheelchairs and those with upper extremity and severe physical disabilities. It has a smooth surface for writing and heavy duty metal clip to hold papers securely in place.

H-36 Ipad/tablet Combo Stand

The H-36 iPad/Tablet Combo Stand is a stand for tablet computer and a keyboard tray designed for use by individuals with use of one hand, grasping or upper extremity disabilities, or arthritis. This lightweight, flexible, rugged and versatile stand holds both a keyboard and an iPad/tablet. The keyboard trays are designed at a steep angle which reduces head-bobbing. The individual parts (iPad/tablet shelf and keyboard trays) are attached by Super-Velcro so the users can adjust the parts themselve

Keyboard Rest

---- CUSTOMIZED ADAPTATION --------- PURPOSE: To create a custom adapted keyboard rest for an individual with autism and communication disabilities. This individual uses his computer as his way of “speaking” using a special keyboard with large to keys to type in words, one letter at a time. The individual’s motor control and visual control were best when the keyboard was on an angle. Unable to locate a commercially available stand to meet his needs, a custom adapted keyboard stand was designed a

Keyboard Retractable Shelf (Models R7196 & R7197)

The Keyboard Retractable Shelf is an adjustable keyboard tray designed to support the keyboard at the most comfortable height for each individual user, and to free up valuable workspace. This tray attaches underneath the desk or table top, and slides horizontally to a maximum of 17.75 inches. The tray has tilt adjustments to provide keyboard slant up to 15 degrees. In addition, the tray is also adjustable vertically by 5.75 inches and swivels 360 degrees. Each adjustment position is secured with

Keyboard Stand (Model H-38)

The Keyboard Stand, model H-38, is a keyboard tray and slant board designed for use by individuals with neurological or physical disabilities. This unit holds the user's keyboard at an angle such as 45 or 60 degrees, which reduces head-bobbing, where the user has to look down, then up at the monitor, then down, then up, etc. It also eliminates the accidental production of spaces by the palm of the hand, and puts the keyboard at an angle in line with the screen. The unit is lightweight and transp

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