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Insulin Syringe Infuser

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Advantajet, Advantajet Es And Gentlejet

AdvantaJet, AdvantaJet ES and GentleJet are insulin syringe infusers that inject insulin without the use of a needle. They are cylindrical, pen-shaped injectors that deliver insulin under pressure through a tiny port (0.006 inches) at the head of the injector through the outer skin and into the subcutaneous layer below. The injection pressure can be selected from six available settings. Before injection, the user attached an adaptor to the insulin vial and attaches the adaptor and vial to the in

Infuse A Port

Infuse a port is a syringe infuser with surgically implanted silicone catheter for delivery of continuous flow of insulin or other drug to specific body site. FDA approved for use with heparin, morphine and FUDR drugs. Also used to draw blood. Pump consists of 2 chambers separated by flexible metal bellows. Pressure from charging fluid in one chamber forces drug from other chamber into catheter and into body. No batteries. Infusion flow rate set at 1.0 to 6.0 per day. Drug refills done percutane

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