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Dark Probe

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Dark Probe

The prototypes have been built: a single probe version and a double probe model. System consists of a small box with circuitry and speaker and a photosensor probe or probes at the end of a cable. Each probe also has a suction cup to hold it in place over an indicator lamp. The probe is silent when the sensed indicator lamp is on. When no light is sensed the speaker emits a constant tone. The two probe model emits two distinctive tones and has a switch to select a constant tone or a beeping tone

Mobile Color Recognizer And Light Detector

The Mobile Color Recognizer and Light Detector (MCR) is a light detection and color identification program designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. This software works with Mobile Speak and Mobile Accessibility cell phone display readers (see separate entries) to enable a camera phone to function as a color identifier and light detector. It works with almost all Symbian series 60 phones. With this software, the phone can be used to determine the color (or different color

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