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Long Handled Stocking Aid

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Diy Device To Assist With Getting Dressed

---- DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY --------- PURPOSE: To create a do-it-yourself assistive device for individuals with arthritis, recovering from surgery, and/or limited flexibility to dress themselves. Step 1: Use duct tape to fasten the wood block to the pole. Attach the wood block about 2 inches from the end of the pole and secure the block with tape at the top and bottom. Ensure the block is sturdy and unlikely to move. Duct tape makes this project quick and easy to complete without drilling any hole


The Mailhawk is a reacher designed to minimize the risks of painful rupture and serious back damage from daily stretching and straining. The Mailhawk may be used as a high shelf reacher, for retrieving fallen objects, putting on and removing socks and stockings, or for professional use by rural mail carriers and newspaper route carriers. The reacher has a long wooden handle with aluminum jaws. The jaws are covered with plastic tips and are tapered at the ends to grasp small objects. Springs open

Slip-On Dressing Aid (Model F73839)

The Slip-On Dressing Aid, model F73839, is a long handled aid designed to assist wheelchair users and persons with back problems or arthritis to don stockings, socks, underwear, shorts and slacks. The device consists of a pair of curved plastic rods which rock against each other along a section of intermeshing teeth molded into their inner surfaces. Each rod has a pad of Velcro hook material at one end to hold onto an article of clothing. By squeezing the other ends of the rod together, the rods

Sock Helper Plus

Long handled stocking aid has aluminum arms and rubber handles and grips. DIMENSIONS: Length is 23 inches. WEIGHT: Less than 1 pound.

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