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Voice Output Meter Reader

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Aud A Meter (Model 1070) & 4 Chan Aud A Meter (Model 1071)

Audible and tactile meter reader. Connects across the terminals of any electrically driven visual meter movement. Applications include ham radio, broadcast, automotive, analog computer readout, electronic, radio and TV test equipment. 4 channel unit connects to 4 different meters; has selector switch.

Professional Aud A Level (Models 1102, 1103, & 1104)

Auditory meter reader. Instrument signals when visual meter peaks. Quick scan buttons enable operator to search lower levels without changing basic meter settings. AC powered, accurately calibrated. Switches for zero volume units (VU), and for operation at +4 or +8 volume units (VU). Can be used with balanced or unbalanced input. Built in stereo switch. 1102, Multi Chan Switcher ($75.00), allows multichannel use for 8, 16, 24 channel recorders. Additional channels ( 1104) are $25.00 each.

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