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Pedestal Cup

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Ableware Halo Cup

The ABLEWARE Halo Cup is a pedestal cup with a large handle designed for use by children with upper extremity disabilities. This dishwasher-safe 6.5-ounce cup has a wide halo base to provide stability, and the handle eliminates the need for gripping.

Melaware Eating Aid Cup (Model H74513)

The Melaware Eating Aid Cup, model H74513-0000, is a pedestal cup designed for persons with limited grasping ability. The design of the cup allows the user to slip the thumb and index finger around the cutout at the base, which rests against the palm of the hand to stabilize the cup when drinking. CAPACITY: 6.5 ounces.

Spill-Not Cup Stabilizer (Model F74544-0001)

The Spill-Not Cup Stabilizer, model F74544-0001, is a drinking cup with a holder/base designed to keep drinks in an upright position and to avoid spills. The unit will hold an 8-ounce paper or foam cup or a drinking glass. The hexagonal base features a well to position the cup. It is molded of polypropylene and is autoclavable at 250 degrees Fahrenheit. DIMENSIONS: 3.25 inches across the flats of the hexagon; the well is 2 1/8 inches in diameter. COLOR: Bright yellow to provide increased visibil

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