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Night Vision Aid

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Brightfeet Slippers

BrightFeet Slippers are slippers designed for use by individuals with low vision or others who are not able to navigate in the dark. These slippers use LED lights mounted in the front of each slipper to illuminate an area up to 25 feet in front of the user. The slippers are helpful for night time trips to the bathroom or elsewhere in a person's residence. The LED lights only turn on when a room is dark, so the user can wear them day or night and not waste the battery while the lights are on. The

MityLight Flashlight

The MityLight Flashlight is designed for individuals with low vision to see in darker places.The MityLight is watertight to 500 feet. Its fiber optic Litebender is designed to bend light beam 90 degrees for hard to view areas.

Streamlight Rechargeable Flashlight (Model Sl-20X)

The Streamlight Rechargeable Flashlight, model SL-20X, is a low vision light designed for use as night vision aids by individuals with low vision, including night blindness. This high-intensity, rechargeable professional flashlight has a 10 watt tungsten filament halogen lamp with a peak beam intensity of up to 30,000 pre-focused Candela, 200 lumens. POWER: Uses 6 volt, 2.4 amp-hour, 1/2 D nickel cadmium rechargeable battery. DIMENSIONS: 13 inches long. WEIGHT: 1.9 pounds. COLOR: Black.

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