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Adjustable Toilet Seat

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Adjustable Commode Chair

Adjustable Commode Chair is designed for use by individuals who have difficulty getting to and/or using regular toilets as a result of limited lower extremity mobility associated with an injury, stroke, heart disease or muscular dystrophy.  It is a commode chair with a metal frame that can be adjusted in height to accommodate the user. The removable seat contains a plastic commode pan and lid with carrying handle.

Buckingham Fold Easy Portable Toilet Frame

Buckingham Fold Easy Portable Toilet Frame is a portable support frame for toilets. It is designed to be used by individuals who have limited mobility. This product has foot plates which rest flat on the floor in front of the toilet to provide stability. There is no installation required an no bathroom modifications necessary. This product is portable allowing the user to bring this support to different locations. The arm rests are designed to aid the user to sit and stand with greater ease and

Contoured Tall-Ette Elevated Toilet Seat

The Contoured Tall-Ette Elevated Toilet Seat is an elongated toilet seat that comes with a Lock-In-El Slip-In Bracket for a simple, permanent attachment to the existing toilet seat. The full inner ring contact with the bowl is not required.  

Free2Go Rollator

The Free2Go Rollator is a folding wheeled walker with seat designed for individuals with walking or mobility disabilities to help them safely, confidently and discreetly using a toilet in any restroom. This combines the benefits of a rollator walking aid, toilet safety frame and raised toilet seat. The device works by rolling over a fixed toilet, setting the brakes, and lifting the padded seat to expose the commode seat. An easily accessible pouch for wipes is attached to the padded seat.

Ultimate Adjustable Toilet Seat

The Ultimate Adjustable Toilet Seat is an adjustable toilet seat designed for use by individuals with mobility or neurological disabilities or obese individuals. Made of hygienic polypropylene, this toilet seat adjusts to individual need, shape, weight, and sitting positions. It attaches to a round or elongated toilet bowl using the standard hinges. The to pieces that form the front of the seat swing outward up to 6 inches to the left and right to accommodate wider bottoms. Grips under the seat

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