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---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To create a prototype of an accessible touchscreen for tablet devices for individuals with fine motor and/or hand disabilities. Touchscreen computer tablets vary but one unique feature between them all is the finger gestures necessary to perform tasks on the device. Researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology created a simple tool, Access4Kids, that augments touchscreens and helps many people with fine motor control issues in their hands operate tablets

Adesso Smart Cat Usb Touchpad (Model Gdu-410)

The Adesso Smart Cat USB Touchpad, model GDU-410, is a touch pad designed for use by individuals with fine motor disabilities. Intended to provide cursor control using a right-or left-hand finger, this device features one-touch vertical and horizontal scroll and zoom, glide extend, and a Cirque driver. The unit has four mechanical buttons and three programmable functions. Sounds and speed, sensitivity, and orientation settings are customizable with installation of the Cirque driver. COMPATIBILIT


The BLITAB is designed for users who are blind or have low vision disabilities. It is a Braille tablet that uses a disruptive actuating technology to create tactile text and graphics in real time. The technology allows blind users to learn, work, and play with one mobile device and to have digital access to information in real time. It converts any document into Braille text; little smart dots (“tixels”) raise immediately from the surface and then fall down again when text changes. It is not jus

Easy Cat

Easy Cat is a touch pad designed for use by individuals with fine motor disabilities and others who cannot manipulate a mouse. This external touch pad enables the user to control cursor movement by moving a finger on the surface of the pad. Two mechanical buttons emulate a two-button mouse. The unit can be mounted to most surfaces or held in the palm of the hand. COMPATIBILITY: For use with IBM and compatible computers or Macintosh computers with USB or serial/PS2 connection. DIMENSIONS: 2.7 x 3


Graphire is a mouse and mouse emulator designed for use by individuals with upper extremity and fine motor disabilities. The size of a standard mouse pad, the set offers three input devices in one: A mouse, a pressure-sensitive pen, and a tablet. The mouse is a three-button scrollable mouse for right- or left-handed use. The mouse has no ball, so it tracks smoothly. The pen features a pressure-sensitive tip and a pressure-sensitive eraser and two side switches for clicks. The pen can be used to


TagPad is a touch pad designed for use in the creation of tactile graphics for persons who are blind or have low vision. The TagPad is used in conjunction with tactile graphics programs such as QikTac (see separate entry) and TraceME (see entry for Tactile Graphics Designer Pro). To create an image in a diagram format suitable for tactile graphics, the TagPad is connected to a computer running one of these programs, and the user traces a photograph, drawing, or other picture placed on the TagPad

Talking Tactile Tablet 2

Talking Tactile Tablet 2 is a tactile graphics display designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. This computer peripheral device consists of a touch screen with a hinged weighted frame that holds a tactile graphic sheet in place against the touch-sensitive surface. When the user presses a point on the tactile sheet, the computer provides identifying audio feedback to the user, as a confirmation and elaboration of the information supplied through touching. By this means,

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