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Single Switch Keyboard Modification

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Apple Keyboard.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Modification of an Apple computer keyboard to connect the shift and control keys to allow a caps lock function. Describes modifying an Apple keyboard with alternate action switches for the shift and control keys using an Alternate Action (Dual Action) P/N K705-0002 and 0-degree Guide P/N K815-0005 parts, obtainable from an Apple dealer. This allows typing in upper and lower case without needing to hold down one key while typing another. SKILLS REQUIRED


The Discover:Switch is a single-switch keyboard modification and on-screen keyboard program designed to enable children with physical disabilities to access popular educational software. The voice-output switch enables students to use educational software, send e-mail, and operate multimedia programs. The switch includes all necessary software to enable it to display and speak a standard keyboard layout or to display and speak words, phrases, or sentences displayed in a keyboard-style matrix. Wi

Programmable Foot Switch

The Programmable Foot Switch is designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities. This programmable switch enables mouse or keyboard functions to be performed with a foot. Keyboard functions such as shift, enter or space can be remapped to and entered by one of the three foot pedals. Each pedal can also be programmed to perform macros or key sequences up to 13 characters in length. Included with the switch is Windows software which enables the unit to perform left, right, or cen

Proportional Keystroke Scanner

The Proportional Keystroke Scanner is an input device that plugs directly into an electric typewriter for simple communication and text editing, or can be used with a personal computer or terminal for more sophisticated tasks. Keystrokes are generated by manipulating a small display via small pressures generated using a sip and puff mouthpiece. It is operated by scanning characters at a rate that is proportional to user applied vacuum. The system consists of a display module with all the charact


The SwitchBoard is a switch adapter for computer designed for use by individuals with fine motor and upper extremity disabilities. This product is a modified keyboard with switch ports to replicate the most commonly used keyboard presses for switches. Switches are plugged into the appropriate ports as needed. There are jacks for enter and space, which are used by most available switch software; 0, 1, 2, and 3, which are used by Don Johnston software; left, up, down, and right, which are used by

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