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Abacus Basic Competency: A Counting Method (Models 7-00219-00 & 5-00219-00)

"Abacus Basic Competency: A Counting Method," by Susan M. Millaway, is an instructional manual designed for teaching skills in performing the four basic math operations on the abacus to children and adults who are blind or have low vision. It comes in a large print edition, model 7-00219-00, and a braille edition, model 5-00219-00. The braille edition is 102 pages. This manual employs both instruction and exercises to teach abacus skills, using the Counting Method rather than traditional indirec


Abecus is a product designed for teaching children with Autism basic arithmetic, the math concepts of counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division as well as patterning and color recognition. Students slide and count bright, kid friendly beads while developing fine motor, hand eye coordination and problem solving skills. Each bead is painted a pleasing color leaving the abacus with a rainbow design. Can be used in class wide activities. Alternatively, this item can be used at home a

Bead Frame Abacus

This Bead Frame Abacus is a manipulative designed to teach children with learning disabilities the numeral system and arithmetic. Good hands-on STEM tool to represent numbers without the use of place value. Each bead and each wire has the same value and used in this way it can represent numbers up to 100. Abacus can be used in an upright position or turned over and used on a tabletop at a 30-degree angle.

Beginner's Abacus (Model 1-03180-00)

The Beginner's Abacus, model 1-03180-00, is an abacus designed for use by students who are blind or have low vision. This abacus is a counting frame that helps reinforce beginning mathematical concepts such as one-to-one correspondence, counting, place value, addition, and subtraction. It also introduces basic abacus terms such as "set" and "clear." It consists of a rectangular frame with felt backing and two rods, with nine large beads sliding on each rod. This abacus comes with a print manual.

Cranmer Abacus

The Cranmer Abacus is designed for use by persons who are blind or have low vision. The abacus has 11 rows of beads and is useful for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Each row of beads is divided into two sections, with four beads in one section representing one (1) through four (4) and a single bead in another section representing five (5). A felt backing prevents slippage of beads during calculations. DIMENSIONS (HxLxW): 0.5 x 3 x 6 inches.

Cranmer Abacus (Model 1-03150-00) & Coupler (Model 1-03160-00)

The Cranmer Abacus, model 1-03150-00 is an abacus designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. It is a 13-rod soroban abacus with a frame made of high impact plastic and beads formed of rigid polyvinyl plastic. The Coupler, model 1-03160-00, is a cadmium plated, spring steel coupling device that can be used to link two abacuses together. DIMENSIONS (LxW): Frame measures 6 1/8 by 3 9/32 inches. Beads are approximately 5/16 inch in diameter.

Hands-On Experience With The Cranmer Abacus (Model 1-30004-00)

Hands-On Experience with the Cranmer Abacus, model 1-30004-00, is a math training program designed for use by students who are blind or have low vision. It consists of a video and an accompanying booklet designed to familiarize students with the basic mathematical uses of the Cranmer abacus, including how numbers are represented and how the four arithmetical operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) are performed.

Large Abacus (Model 1-03170-00)

The Large Abacus, model 1-03170-00, is an abacus designed for use by children who are blind or have low vision and fine motor disabilities. It is a 13-rod soroban abacus with large beads that can be used by those who lack fine motor skills. Both frame and beads are made of high impact plastic. DIMENSIONS (LxW): The frame measures 8.25 by 4.5 inches. Beads are approximately 7/15 inch in diameter.


NumberPack is a math skills training program designed for children with upper extremity and fine motor disabilities. This software program contains three simulated pieces of classroom equipment: a teaching clock, an abacus, and a number line. These simulations are keyboard-operated stand-alone units with their own printing functions. The clock is a re-creation of a classroom teaching clock with a number of additional features. The clock can be moved forwards or backwards in a number of adjustabl

The Abacus Made Easy: Braille (Model 5-00220-00) & Large Type (Model 4-00100-00)

"The Abacus Made Easy," by Davidow, published in Braille (model 5-00220-00) and large print (model 4-00100-00), is an instruction book on the Cranmer abacus designed for use by students who are blind or have low vision.

Using The Cranmer Abacus For The Blind (Models 4-27110-00 & 6-50100-00)

"Using the Cranmer Abacus for the Blind," by Gissoni, is a Cranmer abacus instruction book designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. It is available in a braille edition, no. 6-50100-00, and a large print edition, no. 4-27110-00.

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