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Squeeze Switch

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Ball Switch (Model 3Tstm)

The Ball Switch, model 3TSTM, is designed for use by individuals with severe physical or upper extremity disabilities.This switch features a large ball with a knobby surface attached to a long tube connected to the switch box. From the other side of the switch box comes a cord which coonects to the switch-adapted toy or appliance. When the ball is squeezed, the switch activates the device.

Finger Flex Switch

Finger Flex Switch is a switch built into a partial glove. Bending a finger activates the switch. The switch uses a 3.5 millimeter mini-phone plug as a connector.

Grasp Switch

The Grasp Switch is a squeeze switch designed to be activated by pinching or squeezing for individuals with upper extremity disabilities. The tube-shaped switch features a foam hand grip that is soft to the touch while providing firm support. Activation requires 11 ounces of pressure. There is no auditory or tactile feedback provided. DIMENSIONS: The switch is 5.5 inches long and 1.4 inches diameter.

Grasp Switch.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Squeeze switch used to activate tape player or battery operated toy can encourage child to develop grasping skills. Switch is constructed using a 3 inch section of 3/8 inch copper pipe, 4 copper U brackets, conductor wire, a subminiature plug and foam rubber strips. Includes diagrams. SKILLS REQUIRED: Soldering. AUTHOR: Burkhart, L J TITLE: More Homemade Battery Devices for Severely Handicapped Children with Suggested Activities REF: Millville, Pennsyl

Grip And Puff Switch (Model 700, 700-X)

The Grip and Puff Switch is both a squeeze switch and a pneumatic puff switch designed for individuals with physical disabilities. The vinyl grip, a rubber cylindrical air bellows is connected by a tube to a switching unit. Grasping the cylinder and exerting slight pressure activates the switching unit, which functions as a regular switch. The grip can also be removed and used as a puff switch. This product comes with a standard 0.25 inch jack and plug and can be ordered with a 1/8 inch jack and

Grip Switch

The Grip Switch is a squeeze switch designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities. This pneumatic switch activates with a slight squeezing pressure on the grip (five grips in different sizes are included to accommodate growth, change in ability, or multiple users). The switch can be used with any switch-adapted toy or appliance equipped with a 1/8th-inch jack. DIMENSIONS: All grips are four inches long. They range in diameter from 3/8 inch to .75 inch. COLOR: The grips are fi

Grip Switch Kit (Model 701)

The Grip Switch Kit is a squeeze switch accessory for individuals who have physical disabilities. It consists of colored tubular grips designed to be interchangeable with the grip on the standard Grip and Puff Switch (model 700, see separate entry). Each kit comes with 5 grips. DIMENSIONS: Approximately 4 inches in length, with varying diameters between 3/8 to 3/4 inches.

Heavy Duty Grip Switch (Model 6203)

The Heavy Duty Grip Switch, model 6203, is a squeeze switch designed for individuals with physical disabilities. The Astarex-B switch features low voltage and single hand control for use as a call switch or hospital switch. Grasping the cylinder with less than three pounds of nominal actuation force activates the switching unit. DIMENSIONS (LxW): The grip measures 1 x 5 inches. WEIGHT: The switch weighs four ounces. COLOR: Black.

Penny Pincher Switch.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Penny pincher touch switch enables a child to activate a toy or light by pinching two pennies between thumb and forefinger, and is useful in developing pincher grasp and pointing skills. Child activates battery operated toy or other device by pinching two copper pennies; when pressure is released, the switch turns off. The switch is made by soldering a subminiature plug to two strips of 5 inch conductor wire, and soldering a copper penny to the other e

Pinch Switch (Model 800)

The Pinch Switch is a squeeze switch designed to teach prehension skills for individuals with physical disabilities. The switch is small enough to be held in a child's hand and is activated by the slightest pinching or pressure.

Sensi-Ball Switch (Models 643 & 643-S)

The Sensi-Ball Switch is a squeeze switch designed for use by individuals with severe physical and upper extremity disabilities. The surface of this squeezable ball switch is covered with bumps to create a somatosensory experience and encourage the user to activate the switch. Model 643 is a switch only and activates a connected toy or device when the ball is squeezed. Model 643-S activates music, lights, and vibrations when the ball is squeezed. POWER: Uses six double-A batteries(not included).

Snappy Switch

The Snappy Switch is a squeeze switch designed for use by individuals with upper extremity and severe physical disabilities. This switch is a soft foam rubber handle activated by a grasping motion of the hand. An attached elastic loop secures the switch to the hand. The switch requires low activation force and tactile feel.

Switch Assessment Kit #1 (Model 7750) & Switch Assessment Kit #2 (Model 7755)

The Switch Kits are a collection of touch switches, pneumatic switches, and squeeze switches designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities. Kit #1, model 7750, includes a Grip & Puff Switch, a Grip Kit, a Plate Switch, a Tilt Switch Kit, an Ultimate Switch, an Adjustable Pinch Switch, a Button Click Switch, and a Petite Pillow Switch. Kit #2, model 7755, is designed for more involved users and includes the same elements as Kit #1, plus a voice-activated switch and a Life

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