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Hearing Screening Instrument

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Earscan 3 Manual Audiometer (Model Es3M)

The Earscan 3 Manual Audiometer, model ES3M, is a hearing screening instrument designed for use with individuals with hearing disabilities. This user-programmable pure tone portable audiometer features a large, easy-to-read liquid crystal display (LCD) screen and talkover for communicating with the individual being tested. The unit includes a password-protected callibration mode to ensure the integrity of data, and a calibration due date reminder is displayed at startup. A carrying case, manual,

Earscan Acoustic Impedance Pure Tone Audiometer

The Earscan Acoustic Impedance Pure Tone Audiometer is an auditory evaluation system designed for professional use with individuals with hearing disabilities. This unit can be purchased with tympanometry only or with optional ipsilateral acoustic reflex, manual audiometry and automatic audiometry. Options not originally purchased can be added later as requirements change. The unit is designed to be easy to operate and to provide quick, accurate, and repeatable results. After an exam is complete,

Hearing Test Box For Use With Young Children

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To enable the hearing of very young children to be tested for range and degree of hearing loss. Designed to test children from seven months to three years of age, the test box is used in Visual Reinforcement Audiometry. This testing method involves teaching the child to turn his/her head when a special sound is heard and reinforcing this by showing a moving toy or puppet in a lighted window. Because the child enjoys the toy show, he/she will turn his/her head even if

Integrity V500

Integrity V500 is an auditory evaluation system designed for use to test the hearing of infants, young children, or hard-to-test adults. This unit generates high-definition ABR (Auditory Brainstem Response) results without sedation. Clinicians can perform auditory electrophysiological or otoacoustic emission assessment on patients from newborns to seniors. Pediatric patients can feed, speak, play, or wake up while being tested. Tests can be performed wirelessly. The unit fits unobtrusively on an

Puppet Box

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To provide a child with multiple disabilities with access to hearing testing. This box is used with children who are unable to understand instructions to signify when they hear certain sounds or are physically unable to do so. Instead, the child is taught to turn his/her head when a certain sound is heard, an instruction that is reinforced by lighting a puppet in the box. The box is painted with blackboard paint for a matte finish that does not reflect light. A black

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