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Automotive Tools

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All-Terrain Mobile Creeper

The All-Terrain Mobile Creeper is designed for use with individuals with mobility disabilities. The device is designed to help workers do projects low to the ground without crawling or scooting on their backs. Painting in paint booths, maintenance on trucks and rail cars, changing oil in tractors, repairing tillage tools and many other shop tasks require the worker to work on his knees or laying down. The creeper has large tires and a padded platform for the worker to lay/recline on while workin

Deluxe Rolling Work Seat

The Deluxe Rolling Work Seat for use by senior or individuals with arthritis or balance or walking disabilities. The Rolling Work Seats allow gardeners, farmers, mechanics and other workers with back or lower extremity impairments to complete low-profile tasks from a comfortable sitting position. Activities such as equipment maintenance in the farm shop, feeding calves, weeding vegetable crops, and more that require the workers to move along the ground stooped over or on hands and knees. This Ro

Talk Tach (Model 1740)

Tachometer adapted for the blind. Tests engine RPM cylinder balance, transmission shift points, dwell measurement and secondary and primary circuits.

Vacuum/fuel Pump Gauge (Models 1710 & 1711)

Fuel, vacuum and pressure gauges used in automotive air conditioning service, modified for the blind. Measures performance on cars.

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