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ADA Sand Digger

The ADA Sand Digger is a handicap accessible play unit for children ages 2-5 years old. It is designed for independent sand digging by wheelchair users. It eliminates the standard seat to allow access and operation from a wheelchair. Features a 180-degree turning radius and teaches hand-eye coordination while providing hours of fun.

All-Around Self-Opening Pliers (Model Sw5205)

The All-Around Self-Opening Pliers, model SW5205, are pliers designed for use by individual with arthritis or other grasping disabilities. These lightweight pliers are made of surgical stainless steel and have cushioned, contoured handles joined by a loop. The jaws close by squeezing the handles and open when the handles are released. These pliers can be used for home repair, crafts, and hobbies.

All-Terrain Mobile Creeper

The All-Terrain Mobile Creeper is designed for use with individuals with mobility disabilities. The device is designed to help workers do projects low to the ground without crawling or scooting on their backs. Painting in paint booths, maintenance on trucks and rail cars, changing oil in tractors, repairing tillage tools and many other shop tasks require the worker to work on his knees or laying down. The creeper has large tires and a padded platform for the worker to lay/recline on while workin

Artist's Brush And Tool Handle Lengthening/widening Technique.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Methods of adapting artists' paint brushes to make them wider or longer for easier use by persons who hold them in the mouth. Describes three methods: taping a brush to a dowel of the desired size; inserting the brush into a drilled dowel; joining the ends of a brush and a dowel in a plastic tube. Includes drawings. COMMENTS: For further information contact developers: National Institute on Art and Disabilities, 551 23rd St., Richmond, California 44804

Artist's Brush/tool Grip Adaptation.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Adaptations to artists' paintbrushes to make them easier to use for people with difficulty in gripping and manipulating. Describes three adaptions: putting a piece of plastic tubing or plumber's pipe insulation over the handle; fastening the brush to a wooden dowel with a bolt and wing nut to allow adjusting angles; and putting the brush into a hole drilled through the diameter of the dowel. COMMENTS: For further information contact developers: Nationa

Audible Battery Tester

The Audible Battery Tester is designed for persons who are blind or have low vision. The device tests 9-volt, AA, AAA, C, D, and N size batteries. The user places the battery in the tester, then presses a button. As the button is pressed, a continuous beep is heard if the battery has power. The louder the beep, the more power remains in the battery. The Audible Battery Tester also has a light indicator for those who can see.

Audible Battery Tester (Model Abt2)

The Audible Battery Tester (Model ABT2) is a hand-held button battery tester that will test AAA, AA, C, D, N, 9 volt and button cell batteries by emitting a strong buzz when the battery is good, a weaker buzz when marginal and should not be used for recording, and no sound when discharged. The unit also has a visual meter display with a green, red, and yellow zone.

Bag Stapling Jig.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Jig holds a plastic bag in upright position and provides for ease of stapling after parts are placed in bag. Detailed assembly diagram included, but it is hard to read. Contact developer for original print. Assembly described as easy and inexpensive. SKILLS REQUIRED: Woodworking. AUTHOR: Gugerty, J.; Tindall, L. TITLE: Tools, Equipment & Machinery Adapted for the Vocational Education & Employment of Handicapped People. REF: Book: Vocational Stu

Balloon Packet Winder

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To enable individuals with cognitive disabilities to package balloons. This device tightly winds packets of balloons for placement is show bags, give-aways, etc. The device has spindles which hold the bag and a wooden board with a spring underneath which holds the packets against the spindle. On the prototype model, the spindles were turned by hand using wooden rollers on each side. A later model, however, will replace the rollers with a treadle. The spindles will be

Connectables (Model Cm-6)

Connectables, model CM-6, are a set of three clip-on magnifying lenses that can be attached to cosmetic, medical, and craft tools to make them usable by individuals with low vision. They have clear acrylic lenses and mounts that swivel 360 degrees to enable users to see fine details while working with a variety of tools.

Cord Reel

Easi Grip™ Garden Arm Support Cuff

The Easi Grip™ Garden Arm Support Cuff is designed for users with amputation, arthritis, who have suffered a stroke, or other arm limitations. The device allows the strength of the forearm and upper arm to be used, decreasing strain on the wrist and fingers. This adapted gardening support plugs into any of the Peta Easi-Grip Garden Tools and Peta Easi-Grip Long Reach Garden Tools. The support also works with the Peta Add-On Handles to adapt standard tools for people with decreased hand strength.

Equipment Accommodation For Sandblaster

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To enable a sandblaster with repetetive motion injury to continue working. The standard sandblasting hose requires that a switch be pressed and held down the entire time it is in use. To enable the user to operate the device without the continuous use of force, the trigger switch was replaced with a spring-loaded toggle switch. A ball was inserted to push the toggle to the on position and hold it there. The ball was attached to a chain on the user's wrist. If the hose

Ez Test Battery Tester (Models 1-03968-00 & 1-03969-00)

The EZ Test Battery Testeris an audible or audible and vibrating battery tester designed for use by individuals who are blind or deaf blind or who have low vision. The tester is available in an audible version (model 1-03968-00) that reports battery status by beeps, and an audible/tactile version (model 1-03969-00) that reports battery status by vibrations and beeps. A flexible testing wire allows for testing of 1.5-volt batteries, including AAA, AA, C, and D batteries. Also included are two con

Finger Input Device

The Finger Input Device is a 3D printed mechanical device designed for those with muscle weakness or trouble typing to allow them to accurately tap keys their fingers on a keyboard or push buttons on a remote control.

Foot Operated Wire Feeder.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Enables person with limited use of hands to cut wire accurately using foot pedals. Device pulls wire off roll and feeds it into the cutter. When wire hits the stop it is cut to give the prescribed length of wire. Wire drops into box. Device has 2 rollers, one which drives the wire. a ratchet is attached to drive wheel and foot pedal. Spring returns it. Diagram included. SKILLS REQUIRED: Metalworking. AUTHOR: Gugerty, J. TITLE: Tools, Equipment and Mach

Forearm Forklift

The Forearm Forklift is designed to encourage proper lifting techniques when lifting heavy or awkward items. The product can be used by individuals with disabilities such as arthritis, back pain, hand Injury, herniated disc, lumbar/low back pain, rotator cuff Injury, shoulder replacement, slipped disc. The forearm forklift takes the strain off the user's hands and fingers so they are available to balance the load. The straps slides under the load to be lifted, then wraps around the user's forear


The Frieasel is designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities or very limited arm movement to enjoy painting. The easel can be used seated, standing or lying, and can be used by mouth and foot painters. The low profile base slips under a wheelchair so any artist can get close to their canvas, free to explore their creativity through painting, drawing and mark making. With the help of a care or assistant, the easel arms can be adjusted with the twist of a handle to find the ideal pai

Hammer Splint

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY PURPOSE: To enable individuals with finger amputation to use a hammer. An Orthoplast (see separate entry) splint is softened in warm water and molded to the user's arm. A long-handled hammer is positioned along the splint; when the splint hardens, two holes are drilled through the splint and the hammer handle. Bolts are placed through the holes to secure the hammer to the splint. Two Velcro bands provide additional stability and a Velcro loop near the hammer head provides a

Handle-opener for soda can

The Handle-opener for soda can is designed for individuals with arthritis or fine motor, grasping, or upper extremity disabilities or weakness. The device is made through 3D printing material and is designed to offer easy grasping while opening a soda can.


The Higaki is a tool that goes around a thumb designed for the elderly, those with arthritis, or other disabilities which affect the hand to enable them to open cans and remove tabs from bottles on their own. This is made through 3D printing.

Jig To Hold Peg Parts For Assembly

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To enable individuals with cognitive disabilities to assemble pegs for hanging clothing. This jig clamps to a bench and has slots to hold the two sides of the peg in position. With the sides stabilized, the spring section can be placed over them. TITLE: Making Work Easy. JOURNAL: TAD Journal. REF: Vol. 12 no. 1, Autumn 2001: p. 12-13. PAGES (including cover): 3 2001.

Lever Hand Punch

The Lever Hand Punch is a hand punch for metal or plastics with burr free holes. The punch comes with 7 round punch and die sets. Punch makes holes from 3/32 to 1/4 inch. A bench mount base is available separately ($15).

Lockable Plastic Pliers (Third Hand) (Model K-40)

Lockable Plastic Pliers (Third Hand), model K-40, are designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities. These pliers have straight handles with a locking device to hold small objects in place or hold two flat objects together. DIMENSIONS: 6.5 inches long. WEIGHT: 0.6 ounce.

Long-Handle Magnet Sweep

The Long-Handle Magnet Sweep is designed to help users pick up nails or metal debris without bending or stooping down. This tool can be used by any user who has difficulty picking up items from the ground, such as mobility or lower extremity impairments. A pull-handle release allows the worker to drop collected material into a bin without reaching down. Workers with hand impairments can pick up small metal objects and drop them as needed without pinching with their fingers.

Magnetic Ground Clamp

The Magnetic Ground Clamp is designed for use by individuals with impaired grip strength can use a magnetic ground clamp instead of a squeeze clamp when welding. Workers with conditions such as arm amputation, carpal tunnel syndrome/repetitive motion injury, hand injury, prosthetic limb, quadriplegia, spinal cord injury, stroke, traumatic brain injury (TBI), and rheumatoid rthritis. The user will connect the welder ground cable to the magnet, then simply "stick" it to the metal parts being welde

Mini Liquid Transfer Pump

The Mini Liquid Transfer Pump is designed for use with individuals with mobility disabilities to fuel mowers, utility vehicles, chainsaws, outdoor power equipment, or drain small swimming pools without lifting heavy gas cans or buckets.This small pump can be used for home owners and workers using power tools. Fuel can be transferred without spilling, because the 1 GPM flow rate is easily controlled and stopped when the tank is full.

Modified Tools For Saddle Maker

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To enable a saddle maker with back and wrist pain to continue working. Many tools were adapted to require less gripping force. A palm-held pneumatic hammer, generally used in furniture making, was internally altered by replacing a hard rubber bumper with a softer material, creating a tapping effect rather than a hard hammering effect. In addition, a powered, height-adjustable table accommodated a heavy granite anvil and embossing tools, enabling the user to use the to

Motus D-Grip

The Motus D-Grip Handle is a tool grip designed for use by individuals limited upper extremity strength. The D-shaped plastic handle attaches to most tools, including shovels, rakes, brooms, etc. to provide additional leverage. The handle adjusts to any position. DIMENSIONS: Fits shafts 0.75 to 1.75 inches in diameter. COLOR: Black and white.

Motus T-Grip

The Motus T-Grip is a tool grip designed for use by individuals limited upper extremity strength. The straight plastic handle attaches at a right angle to the handle shaft of most straight-shaft tools, including shovels, rakes, brooms, etc. to provide additional leverage and push/pull assistance. DIMENSIONS: Fits shafts 0.75 to 1.75 inches in diameter. COLOR: Black.

O Ring Installation Tool.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Tool facilitates the installation of rubber O-ring seals externally on a shaft. Simple clear diagram depicts proportions to use when shaping a wooden dowel into tool. SKILLS REQUIRED: Woodworking. AUTHOR: Gugerty, J.; Tindall, L. TITLE: Tools, Equipment & Machinery Adapted for the Vocational Education & Employment of Handicapped People. REF: Book: Vocational Studies Dept., University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI: pp 70-71. NARIC CALL NUMBER: R2479


The Open-Sezz-Me is a package opener designed for use by individuals with fine motor or grasping disabilities or arthritis. Designed for right- or left-handed use, this device is equipped with a blade to open rigid plastic packaging. A rotating, locking blade guard secures the blade when not in use. OPTIONS: Extra blades are available. DIMENSIONS (LxWxD): 5 x 3 x 0.375 inches. WEIGHT: 1.3 ounces.

Panel Handle Rubber Mat Gripper

The Panel Handle Rubber Mat Gripper is design for users with  hand injuries or disabilities, moving heavy boards, panels or stall, trailer, and parlor mats is often difficult and cumbersome. with the Panel Handle, the user can grab the end of the panel or mat to move it without having to grasp it. The mat gripper features aggressive teeth to prevent slippage, one-handed operation with push-button release, comfortable recessed handle provides a secure grip, self-adjusts for mats up to 1 inch thic

Pillow Case Jig

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY---- PURPOSE: To enable individuals with use of only one hand to put a pillow in a pillow case. This device consists of a three-foot tall cylinder made of 1/16-inch thick ABS plastic (approximately one-third of a sheet). The pillow case is turned inside out and places over the cylinder. The pillow is then pushed into the cylinder, forcing the pillow case to turn right-side-out over the pillow. SKILLS REQUIRED: Fabrication. TITLE: Pillow Case Jig for Therapy Center Worker. WE

Pistol Grip File Handle (Model F-2)

The Pistol Grip File Handle, model F-2, is a tool grip designed for use by individuals with arthritis or other grasping disabilities. This pistol-grip ergonomic handle holds the file (not included) at a right angle to the handle, allowing ergonomically correct positioning of the fingers, hand, and wrist and providing more leverage than standard handles. The handle is equipped with a hole to accept most standard files. DIMENSIONS: 5 inches long. WEIGHT: 2.5 ounces.

Pistol Grip With Hose Clamp Set (Model Pgb-1) & Economy Pistol Grip (Model Pg-K)

The Pistol Grip with Hose Clamps Set, model PGB-1, is a tool grip designed for use by individuals with arthritis and other grasping disabilities. This set can be used to create an ergonomic, built-up handle for a variety of tools, including garden tools, paint brushes and more. The set includes one pistol grip, two hose clamps, and a fixed wrench for clamp adjustments. The Economy Pistol Grip, model PG-K, is the pistol grip with holes for hose clamps only but does not include the clamps or fixed

Pneumatic Attachment Plus Control Valve Relocation.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Adaptation to an engraving machine to allow a person with no use of one arm and partial use of the other to operate it. A commercially available pneumatic air attachment was fitted to an engraving machine with the control valve close to the stylus control knob so the worker could operate the stylus and the cutter control lever with one hand. Includes photograph. COMMENTS: Developed by the Work Preparation Center, Rancho Los Amigos Hospital, 7601 East I

Pulley Block

The Pulley Block is designed for individuals with paraplegia or upper extremity disabilities or back pain to help them lift heavy items without straining their back. This can be used to lift heavy objects without straining the users back. It is rated for lifting 2000 pounds, requiring a 400-lb pulling force, meaning that if a user needs to lift a 55-pounds this pulley block would reduce the load to only 11 pounds. When used with a hand-cranked winch this pulley hoist can position and hold heavy

Push Cart

The Push Cart is designed to allow users to carry heavy loads around the farm, yard, or worksite without straining their back and shoulders while lifting them up into the bed of a pickup truck or ATV. The deck of the wagons are much lower to the ground instead of 36 inches like an ATV or utility vehicle. Intended and recommended users are those with: back pain, cerebral palsy (CP), diabetes/diabetic neuropathy, fused vertebrae, herniated disc, hip pain, knee pain, leg amputation, lower extremity

Quality Control Inspection Tool.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Quality control inspection tool for gauging acceptable lengths of small cylindrical parts, for use by individuals with unsteady hands or only one hand, or for those with difficulty learning to use a micrometer. Allows inspection for fine tolerances. Plywood and steel gauge with a shelf on a spring set within a tapering U shaped opening which is marked to indicate the acceptable range of lengths. The cylinder to be measured is placed on the shelf within

Riveter Stand

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To enable an individual with Down Syndrome to operate a riveter. The concertina-style riveter was held with one hand while steadying a sign to be riveted. A stand was built to bear the weight of the riveter while holding it upright, The stand has a square steel base covered in thick plywood on which the sign to be riveted rests. An L-shaped steel is fastened to the base. The riveter is suspended form the top of the L on multi-strand stainless steel cable, with counter

Rolyan Workhard Leather Anti-Vibratory Wrist Brace (Models A382-11 To A382-52)

The Rolyan Workhand Leather Anti-Vibratory Wrist Brace is a wrist splint designed to restrict the final degrees of wrist flexion and extension in addition to absorbing harmful vibrations found in industrial settings for persons with arthritis. The majority of the brace is made with leather and lined with suede. It also features gray cotton stockinette between the velcro straps and the skin for an added cushion. Foam padding is also included on both the volar (top) and dorsal (back) surfaces of

Safecut Webbing Cutter

The Safecut Webbing Cutter is a cutter designed for use in cutting webbing, seat belts for emergency release, and other items. The device features a replacable enclosed knife edge and a polycarbonate hand loop with finger grips, and a slot for the material to be cut. Velcro on one side to attaches to the device to the worksite or automobile dashboard. COLOR: Bright yellow.

Special Trim Tool: Aircraft Window Seals

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Device to hold a cutting tool to enable a disabled worker to hold the tool in the proper position to trim a molded plastic fitting. Diagrams of a machined aluminum block-shaped tool to hold a commercially available trim blade. COMMENTS: Developed under NIHR grant G008005053 to the Cerebral Palsy Research Foundation of Kansas Rehabilitation Engineering Center. For further information contact: Leonard Anderson, Rehabilitation Engineering Center (above),

Staple Driver


Step-In Poly Post

The Step-In Poly Post is designed for individuals with arthritis, strength, or other disabilities to use when putting in a temporary fence. Pounding in fence posts is a difficult strenuous task for a worker with disabilities. The step in post can be put in and removed simply and easily. The device is ideal for temporary electric fencing such as controlled grazing/pasture management. 

The Emma Pen

The Emma Pen is designed to steady a person with Parkinson's disease's hand and allow them to draw straight lines and write legibly. The Emma intentionally shakes the user’s arm, interrupting the feedback loop that impedes normal movement.

Thermo Cube Outlet

The Thermo Cube Outlet is designed to automatically turn on deicers, pump-house heaters, greenhouses, and other equipment without trekking in the cold or snow. The thermostatically controlled outlet can help reduce the challenges that disable people have to deal in cold environments. Recommended for users who are aging, have arthritis, cognitive disability, diabetes/diabetic neuropathy, lower extremity impairments, mobility impairment, memory loss, multiple sclerosis (MS), paraplegia, quadripleg

Tiger Taco

The Tiger Taco is a box flap clip designed for use by individuals with upper extremity or coordination disabilities. Available in steel or plastic, these taco-shaped clips assist in the packing and unpacking of cardboard boxes by securing the flaps out of the way.

Tool For Undoing Video Reel Containers

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To enable individuals with cognitive disabilities to open video reel cartons. This small tool undoes the tabs of the cartons that have to be reversed for recycling. The tool is a metal blade with small teeth at either end which can be hooked under the folded carton tabs to undo them without damaging the carton. The tool is equipped with a wide wooden handle to accommodate users with limited manual dexterity. TITLE: Making Work Easy. JOURNAL: TAD Journal. REF: Vol. 12

Upright File Handle (Model F-1)

The Upright File Handle, model F-1, is a tool grip designed for use by individuals with arthritis or other grasping disabilities. This ergonomic handle holds a file (not included) at a right angle to the handle, allowing ergonomically correct positioning of the fingers, hand, and wrist and providing more leverage than standard handles. The handle is equipped with a hole to accept most standard files. DIMENSIONS: 5 inches long. WEIGHT: 4 ounces.

Video Reel De-Spooler

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To enable individuals with cognitive disabilities to de-spool video reels for recycling. The devices consists of a holder with slots for four reels, with rollers made from typewriter platens underneath. A small motor turns the rollers which rotate the reels, causing the tape to come off the reels and fall into a garbage bag. The light belts driving the rollers provide enough force to turn the reels, but not enough to damage anything else that touches them. TITLE: Maki

Wire Roller With Storage Spools

The Wire Roller With Storage Spools is designed for users with one arm or poor finger dexterity to wrap up and store long strands of wire, rope, cable, string or cords without tangling them. Whether the user is building or moving fence, winding up electric cords, or wrapping up rope for later use, it can be a challenge to keep long strands from tangling. The wire roller can hang on the users belt while the handle is turned with one hand to roll up the wire or string on a spool. The spool can be

Woodwiz Splitter

The Woodwiz Splitter is designed to split logs with out the wide range of motion or strength needed for conventional log cutting. The log splitter may be used by persons in a wheelchair, with impaired vision, or back problems. The log splitter permits velocities comparable to that of a swung sledge hammer; eliminates the inertial drag of the guide tube when the hammer impacts, and whose weight is twice that of the splitting tip; absorbs the shock of impact and does not transmit the shock to the

Zip-It Opener

The Zip-It Opener is a package opener designed for use by individuals with fine motor or upper extremity disabilities or arthritis. This device opens hard plastic blister or clamshell packages using a powered roller blade. With the press of a button, this battery-operated opener easily cuts through most difficult packages leaving no sharp edges. When not in use, the Zip-It has plastic safety guard that fits over the blade. POWER: Uses 2 AA batteries (not included). WARRANTY: 60-day limited warra


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