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Audible Timer

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Dakota Hybrid Vibe Wrist Watch

The Dakota Hybrid Vibe Wrist Watch is a watch with audible and vibrating alarm designed for use by individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing or have low vision. This watch has up to four vibrating or audible alarms. Other features include dual analog and digital display; stainless steel casing with water resistant face; perpetual calendar, and a perforated leather band. COLOR: Available with black face with black strap or white face with brown strap.


The Helen is an alarm clock designed for use by individuals who are deaf and blind or have low vision. The device helps users by waking them up in the morning, informing them of the current time of day and reminding them of upcoming events. This device helps users complete daily tasks by keeping track of time and organizing their day. The Helen features easy to use, large and tactile buttons.

James Remind-O-Timer With Braille (Model J143Web)

The James Remind-O-Timer with Braille, model J143WEB, is a tactile alarm clock and timer designed for use by individuals who are deaf blind. This twelve hour analog clock has a buzzer alarm, timers, and a built-in socket for use with a bed shaker (not included). The timer can be set to start and stop electrical equipment and appliances. The buzzer is set by moving a series of small pins around the face. Any combination of quarter hour periods may be set. There are 48 set pins with a 16 minute "o

Pocket Talking Timer and Clock

The Pocket Talking Timer and Clock is a 2-in-1 timer and clock designed to keep individuals who are blind or have low vision informed of their cooking progress with alarm sounds and voice prompts. The countdown timer announces in a clear female voice the time the user has remaining until 00:00. At the 20-minute mark, for example, the user will hear a beep followed by the announcement, “20 minutes left.” Depending on the time the user sets, the Pocket Talking Timer and Clock will alert him or her

Reizen Talking Alarm Clock With Voice Guidance

An accessible and adaptive alarm clock, this talking alarm clock announces the time, day of week and date, and includes voice guidance that walks you through setting and using it with audible prompts.

Time Tracker Mini

The Time Tracker Mini is designed for preschool and elementary school students who have time management challenges as it helps children manage their time during school and home activities. Offers visual and auditory indicators with 2 dials: total alarm time and warning time. The Time Tracker Mini quietly counts down and when time is up, the colored light glows and the alarm sounds. Mute option available to mute sound and use only the light as an indicator. Warning feature signals a few minutes b

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