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Bathtub Accessories

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Access Steps For Bathtub

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To enable a teenage girl with short stature to independently enter and exit a bathtub. A stainless steel rail was installed along the side of the tub that extended five millimeters out from it. A three-step ladder was made of stainless steel tubing that clips to the rail for stability. The ladder also slides along the rail if needed. A trough of plastic downspout pipe clips over the tub to protect the tub edge from the ladder. Stair treads for the ladder were made of

Aqua Pt

The AQUA PT is a heat therapy system specifically designed for use in medical and rehabilitation facilities to help increase circulation and range of motion in addition to reducing muscle spasms, pain and stress. Designed as a non-invasive self-contained unit, it is intended to provide to the major benefits of hydrotherapy, dry heat therapy and accupressure/percussion therapy in a reduced time format (10-20 minutes per session). When operating the unit, the user remains clothed and dry inside a

Ashby Bath Shortener (Model 6290)

The Ashby Bath Shortener, model 6290, is a bathtub shortener desinged for use by individuals with short stature. This unit fits inside the tub to shorten its length and is designed to prevent shorter users from slipping down the bathtub and possibly under the water. The unit attaches with rubber suction cups to the foot of the bath. DIMENSIONS: 370 x 280 x 300 millimeters. CAPACITY: 190 kilograms.

Bath Platform Step (Model 604)

The Bath Platform Step, model 604, is a bathtub access stair designed for use by individuals with arthritis or mobility or balance disabilities. The wooden step is made of birch with non-slip cork top and is designed to make getting in and out of the bath easier by reducing the distance from the floor to the top of the bathtub. DMENSIONS: The step is 6 inches high (152 millimeters). CAPACITY: 140 kilogram.

Bci Walk-Thru Insert

The BCI Walk-Thru Insert is a bathtub insert designed to convert a standard bathtub into a walk-in shower tub accessible to individuals with balance, lower extremity, or mobility disabilities or arthritis. COLOR: White.

Gatorgrip Bath Tub Mat

The GatorGrip Bath Tub Mat is a removable slip-resistant coating for bathtubs designed for use by individuals with balance or walking disabilities. This mat is designed for peel and stick application and is suitable for all bathtub and shower types, including metal, porcelain, fiberglass, non-skid surfaces, etc. Designed to be extra-thick and soft, the mat has peel and stick adhesive that seals out mold and mildew, eliminating the need to remove it to clean underneath. The three-dimensional surf

Gatorgrip Sheet

GatorGrip Sheets are removable non-slip surfaces designed for use by individuals with balance disabilities. Each sheet has a peel and stick adhesive backing and a soft, non-slip suface for walking or standing. The sheets are made of a polymer psuedo-rubber that is chemically resistant to mold and mildew. DIMENSIONS (LxW): 42 x 64 inches. COLOR: Beige and white, black and gray, red and black, blue and white, green and white, gray and white, or pink and white.

Invisia Bath Bench

The Invisia Bath Bench is a sturdy seat/table for a bath tub. The product is designed to keep bath bench use discreet, while providing a decorative accessory. The bench is made from Brazilian walnut which is naturally resistant to moisture, mildew and decay. Choose either a powder bronze or power grey side frame.

Jetta Jr

The Jetta Jr. is a hydrotherapy unit designed to provide whirpool benefits to the feet and lower limbs. Therapeutic uses of hydrotherapy include, but are not limited to, pain relief, increasing circulation, softening of scar tissue, postoperative rehabilitation, arthritis relief, and the reduction of inflammation or tissue swelling. The unit features 14 hydrotherapy jets, dual silent air controls, a ground fault interrupter, and a handle and casters to enhance portability. It may be used ind

Prima Bath Step

The Prima Adjustable Height Bath Step is a bathtub access step designed for use by individuals with arthritis or other mobility or balance disabilities. This molded-plastic step with add-on risers reduces the distance from the floor to the top of the bathtub to aid individuals to step into the bathtub more easily. Jointing pieces can be attached at the side or front to make platforms. Moldings are slip-resistant. DIMENSIONS (HxLxW): Step is 2 x 18 x 14 inches. Risers are 1 inch each, and the ste

Roth Mobeli Bath Tub Shortener (Models 14005206 & 14005207)

The Roth Mobeli Bath Tub Shortener is a bathtub shortener designed for use by individuals with short stature or lower extremity amputation. This unit can be placed at any point in the tub to provide foot support, or it can be turned horizontally to function as a tray. Model 14005206 has two suction plates and can fit all bathtub types. Model 14005207 has three adjustable clip-on suction plates and can only be used in parallel bathtubs. The suction plates arranaged with two plates above, which sw

Round Bath Stool

The Round Bath Stool is a bathtub stool designed for use by individuals with mobility and balance disabilities. It is designed for use in narrow tubs and showers, this stool features non-slip rubber tips and height-adjustable aluminum legs that are flared to provide a stable base.

Safeway Step

The Safeway Step is a bathtub insert designed to convert a tub into a walk-in bathtub for use by individuals with balance, lower extremity, or mobility disabilities or arthritis. The unit is installed by cutting a section of the existing tub and custom fitting the resulting opening. The unit can be installed in most types of bathtubs, including fiberglass, steel, or cast iron. The insert provides easier access into the bath/shower area.

Step Assist

Step Assist are bathtub access stairs designed for use by individuals with lower extremity disabilities or arthritis. These steps have a modular design that allows stacking a second step for an additional rise while a third unit provides a stair-step effect. The step has an extra-large platform with a textured finish top for added slip-resistance. Rubberized feet help prevent the unit from slipping. DIMENSIONS(WxLxH): 19.75 x 16 x 4 inches. One step adds 4 inches; a second one stacked adds an a

Support Frame For Bath Insert

CUSTOM ADAPTATIONPURPOSE: To support a bathtub insert at a height that is comfortable for the parents when bathing a child with cerebral palsy. The frame is constructed of 20- millimeter stainless steel tubing welded into a rectangular frame with legs at all four couners and in the center of each of the longer sides. Rubber feet at the bottom of each leg provide traction for the frame. The frame can stand in a bathtub, and the bathtub insert can be filled by a hose attached to the tap below or a

Tenura Anti Slip Bathroom Aid

The Tenura Anti Slip Bathroom Aids are bathtub safety treads and non-slip floor covering designed to provide traction in the bathtub or shower or on wet bathroom floors for people with balance or mobility disabilities. Designed to help reduce the risk of slipping and falling on wet surfaces, these non-slip discs or strips is made of self-adhesive material intended to provide a non-slip grip in bathrooms and changing rooms where floors and surfaces tend to be wet and slippery. This product is sol

Tidee Tubb Splash Guard

Tidee Tubb is a corner splash guard designed for use by individuals with balance, lower extremity, or mobility disabilities. Placed in each corner of a bathtub, the guards help prevent falls due to wet and slippery floors. The guards come two per package with caulk for installation. DIMENSIONS (HxL): 11 x 9.25 inches. WEIGHT: 1 pound. COLOR: White, bone, or clear.


The TubcuT is a bathtub insert designed for converting a bathtub into a walk-in shower accessible to individuals with mobility or lower extremity disabilities or arthritis. It provides step-through access in the front of any existing fiberglass, acrylic, steel, or cast iron bathtub. The opening is made with panels that are shaped on the job site for a custom fit. The insert can be sized to reach to the bottom of the deepest tub, and can be made as wide or narrow as required. The panels are made


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