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The Atlanta is a robust and durable chair designed for users with Huntington’s disease and dementia in particular to provide comfort while seated. It is a comfortable seat for those with vigorous involuntary movements and reduces the risk of falling from the chair. It is helpful for those with Huntington’s disease; Alzheimer’s disease; Lower limb oedema; Cellulitis; Advanced dementia; Parkinson’s disease; or a Brain Injury. Provides security without compromising function, pressure or postural ma

First/Then Board

The First/Then Board are designed for children with Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder and behavioral issues to improve focus and prevent meltdowns.


The iTraq3  is an all-in-one, small tracking device that features global tracking coverage and up to 4 months battery life on one charge. It can be used to track kids or family members who suffer from Alzheimer, Dementia or other mental diseases. iTraq provides a turnkey tracking solution that comes ready to use out of the box with a global SIM card, Android, iOS and Web tracking app.

Personal Wearable QR

Personal Wearable QR codes are designed for people with learning disabilities, autism, dementia and other related disabilities. It comes in the form of a barcode sticker that can be attached to the user's clothes. Then a parent or caregiver creates a profile with the information of the user. People with a smart phone can scan the barcode in case the user is lost or important information is needed.


The Sorrento™ is a multi-adjustable, tilt-in-space chair that provides postural support and pressure management to individuals with cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, motor neuron disease, dementia, or Alzheimer’s disease. The powered model of the Sorrento™ features adjustable lateral supports for increased postural alignment and trunk stability; adjustable back angle recline; an elevating leg rest and an adjustable footboard; removable arm rests

STI_GL300 Real-Time GPS Tracker

The STI GL300 Real-Time GPS Tracker is a tracker that monitors location with pinpoint accuracy and goes anywhere discreetly and provides real-time updates. It can be used for older adults with dementia or Alzheimer's disease, or users with other disabilities who tend to wander.

Superactive LED Bubble Tubes

A Bubble Tube is a key component of a sensory room, providing a visual filter for incoming sensory overload. The combination of ever-changing bubbles and colors creates of calming and relaxing for overactive individuals or stimulating withdrawn individuals. Watching bubbles in action helps visual development and perception, color recognition, and communications skills. 

Trax Play

The Trax Play is a GPS tracker GPS tracker that works with an app that can be used to track children, elderly, or people with disabilities who tend to wander off. It can be used for elderly individuals who suffer from disorienting diseases like Alzheimer’s or Dementia, or individuals with Autism, Down syndrome, or other special needs. The listens to multiple satellites and send its position, speed, and direction through the 2G cellular network directly to the App. 

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