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Clinical Management Program

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GhostWRITER is a software program designed to automate the process of note-taking and report writing for therapists. To use the program the therapist fills out a check-off form or a DictaForm concerning a client and enters the information into the GhostWRITER program. From this data, the program analyzes the client's clinical profile and can generate a customized daily check-off form, note logs, progress reports, and discharge summaries for each client's file. COMPATABILITY: For use on IBM PC co


Marathon is a software system developed for office management in physical therapy practices and rehabilitation agencies. The software is entirely menu-driven and has on-line help messages. The system has three basic components: Billing, General Ledger Accounting, and Practice Management. Billing which can file computerized insurance claims plus generate collection reports, delinquency letters, follow-up reports, and bills. General Ledger Accounting has functions for generating financial statemen

R / Com

R/COM is a set of software programs designed to facilitate the operation and management of inpatient and outpatient medical rehabilitation facilities. The modules of R/COM may be purchased as a package or as individual units. The modules are: Schedule ($5000), for producing various types of schedules; Document ($2500) for recording and displaying patient progress in tabular or graphic format; Report ($2500) for generating reports on patients, staff, or rehabilitation facility based on informatio


SERVtracker is a case and clinical management and information and referral program designed to help home service providers, senior centers, nutrition services and other public and private organizations that provide services to seniors or people with disabilities. This software provides a central data repository for a service provider to store and access information about each client with whom they work. SERVtracker includes tracking, billing and accounting capabilities, and it has pre-loaded rep

Spectrum 1

Spectrum 1 is a series of computer programs for information management by rehabilitation professionals. The series consists of ten programs. The Spectrum Menu Builder is a user-modifiable program that allows menu access to the other software programs in the system. Additional modules include the Calendar Planning Manager, used to record and retrieve information on events; Procurement/Tracking, which enables the user to find the fee for a specific service by searching either on exact service name

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