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Dynamic Acoustics

Dynamic Acoustics is a clinician training program designed to explain the fundamental concepts of sound and sound transmission through animated graphic displays. The text and program are divided into four chapters. Chapter One covers elements of molecular movement, simple harmonic motion, and the derivation of the sine wave. Chapter Two explores the nature of the waveform through a set of experiments that generate graphs of two waves. Chapter Three compares and contrasts different representation

Pure Tone Simulation

Pure Tone Simulation is a clinician training program designed to teach audiometry technique. The program, which is accompanied by a 42-page printed text, has three windows: an audiometer showing all dial settings, which can be manipulated using the numeric keypad; an animated listener that raises his hand in response to the stimulus; and a graph window that shows either an audiogram, a masking curve, or a Hughson-Westlake response curve. Pure Tone Simulation is $149.50; additional copies are ava

Understanding Decibels

Understanding Decibels is a clinician training program designed to provide training in the theoretical and practical aspects of decibel computations for audiologists. The program consists of two units. The Math Unit provides a review of scientific notation, ratios, logarithms, and antilogarithms, and gives step-by-step solutions to decibel-to- intensity and intensity-to-decibel problems. The Problem Unit can generate an infinite number of both intensity and sound pressure problems. Experience wi

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