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Communication Device Accessory

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Blissymbols Gallery

Blissymbols Gallery is a symbolic language picture library designed to help build personalized communication displays for persons using Ke:nx. It consists of approximately 2,500 icons that are color-coded by such categories as time, people, noun, action and other distinguishing attributes. COMPATIBILITY: Macintosh. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Ke:nx 3.0 or Ke:nx On:Board 3.0. 4.5 megabytes of RAM is needed on the hard drive.

Cjt Adjustable Floor Stand

The CTJ Adjustable Floor Stand is a mobile laptop/notebook computer or communication aid support designed for use by individuals with comunication disabilities, neurological disabilities, or spinal cord injury. This floor stand can accommodate almost any type of communication device or notebook computer. Its height-adjustable steel arm is supported by a carbon steel wheelbase with three swivel caster wheels for use on smooth surfaces and two locking casters to maintain the desired position. The

Cjt Freedom Table Stand

The CJT Freedom Table Stand is a communication aid accessory designed for use by individuals with communication or speech disabilities. The stand can be used with alternative and augmentative communication (AAC) devices, notebook computers, or as a book holder. A flat, Y-shaped base provides added stability to prevent accidental tipping. Quick-release levers help position the unit for immediate use. Other features include 360-degree rotation of the multi-angle, flat table and a height-adjustabl

Communication Display Board Protector

The Communication Display Board Protector is a communication device accessory designed to protect paper communication displays from damage. Built of three layers of acrylic, this protector prevents tears, and damage from spills. Changing the eight-location display is accomplished by sliding out one display and sliding in another. The protector provides a firm surface for the communication displays, as well as offering visual and tactile cues between each location. COLOR: Clear or black.

Communication Icon Galleries Cd-Rom

Communication Icon Galleries CD-ROM is a word catalog for speech therapists designed for use with Ke:nx, and Ke:nx On:Board, the Discover:Switch, or the Discover:Screen (see entries). This CD-ROM combines five icon libraries with more than 7,000 icons that can be altered to suit the user. The program is designed to locate icons by topic or name and contains MacinTalk II and MacinTalk II Pro text-to-speech voices designed for high-quality speech output from the computer; the user is also given th

Communicator / Computer Stand

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY --- PURPOSE: To enable an individual with aphasia as a result of a stroke to conveniently use a communicator. A surplus, commercially available computer support arm capable of 360-degree rotation and cantilever extension was mounted atop a 70-pound steel cone that had been adapted to receive the table clamp on the support arm, and to sutain the leverage generated by the fully extended arm. TITLE: The Computer Stand. WEB SITE: Workshop Solutions at http://www.workshopsolutio

Computer / Communicator Tray

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY --- PURPOSE: To enable an individual who uses a laptop with speech software and a wheelchair to access the computer screen and control switch while leaving the surface of the wheelchair tray free. Hardware from a standard roll out under desk keyboard shelf was modified to provide a platform for the laptop. Only the switch controlling the software is exposed on the tray surface, preventing inadvertent hitting of keys. The screen can be folded down and the complete unit stored

Display Mounting Hardware

Display mounting Hardware is a communication device accessory designed for use by individuals with speech or communication disabilities. Designed for mounting communication displays, the system utilizes link-style adjusting brackets for a range of adjustments. DIMENSIONS: Included are 1.5-, 3.5-, and 4.5-inch links.


Emulate software is a keyboard interface program and communication device accessory designed to allow VOIS 160 keyboard users to operate computers using the VOIS keyboard. COMPATIBILITY: For use on IBM and IBM compatible computers.

Ez Viewer Lcd

The EZ Viewer LCD is a communication device accessory designed to convert the VOIS 160 electronic synthesized-speech generator (see separate entry) into a laptop-style computer for facilitated viewing and full word- processing capability. The EZ Viewer has a 40-character, 16-line display screen with an automatic sensor to adjust backlighting.


The Keyboard is a communication device accessory designed for use by individuals with speech or communication disabilities. This portable keyboard is sized for use with ComLink communicators (not included; see separate entries). For typists, the keyboard can be used to enter text which is then converted to speech output by the communicator. In addition the keyboard is also useful when programming that device. The keyboard plugs into one of the communicator's USB ports.

Keyguards For Augmentative Communication Devices

The Keyguards for Augmentative Communication Devices are a communication device accessory designed for use by individuals who have communication disabilities and fine motor or other upper extremity disabilities. Made of clear acrylic, these guards are available for a variety of communication devices and can include such features as a removable window and multi-shaped key holes.

Neasy Collapsible Desktop Mount

The NEasy Collapsible Desktop Mount is a desktop stand for alternative and augmentative communication (AAC) devices (communicators) designed for people with communication or speech disabilities who also have grasping, neurological or upper extremity disabilities. This lightweight desktop mount consists of a collapsible tripod with an adjustable arm. The arm has two ball and socket joints, which enable infinite angle adjustment. The joints are locked in place with a single knob. The AAC device

Optical Head Mouse Kit

The Optical Head Mouse Kit is a communication device accessory designed for use by individuals with communication or speech disabilities and upper extremity, severe physical or neurological disabilities. This unit provides access to the communicator when finger touch access or use of other hand controls is not an option. A small reflective dot is placed somewhere on the front of the user's head (typically the forehead) and the Optical Head Mouse tracks the dot movements. Any movement of the dot

Overbed Table Mount

The Overbed Table Mount is an overbed table designed to provide accessibility to a communication device for individuals with severe physical disabilities while in bed, a geri chair, or wheelchair. The mount's table can be adjusted vertically by depressing a small hand actuator and allowing the spring assisted mechanism to lift the entire table surface to the desired level. The ComLink communicator attaches to the table using a U-tube that is sized with a diameter identical to other FRS mount sys

Overlay Designer Pro

Overlay Designer Pro is a symbolic language picture creation programs designed for use with individuals with communication or cognitive disabilities or with autism. It is intended for use with the AMDi Smart series of communicators (see separate entries). This software has a large set of pre-designed templates for the creation of communication pages and boards. It includes more than 15,000 SymbolStix symbols developed for communication, 16,000 other symbol sets and 1,500 Tech Syms as well as pre

Pcs Gallery

PCS Gallery is a communication device accessory and symbolic language picture library for children and adults with learning disabilities. The software includes nearly 3,500 colorful Picture Communication Symbols (PCS) used on communication boards on and off the computer. Users can make on-screen displays, scan windows or create overlays for alternate keyboards. The PCS backgrounds are color-coded by category and include people, verbs, adjectives, fast foods, restaurant logos, games and more. SYS


Phone-Link is a communicator accessory designed for use by individuals with communication or speech disabilities. This device can be used to connect a keyboard communicator or other communicator to a telephone, including digital phones, office phones, cordless phones, and princess phones. It can also be used to connect a phone to a recording device or computer.

Removable Mobile Arm

Removable Mobile Arm is an adapted iPad communication device holder designed for people with communication disabilities to use. It was adapted for an iPad that was difficult for people with Cerebral Palsy to hold and use as a communication device. It was designed with an extended arm so the caregivers can easily attach the extended arm and the user can have control of bringing the iPad closer with the click of their head on mouse keys. The team also designed a rotator to allows users to easily t

Sensory Eye Fix

Sensory Eye Fix is a safe and stable platform designd for children with communication disabilities to keep their eye gaze Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices at eye level.

Stay Put Easel (Model 1484)

The Stay Put Easel, model 1484, is an easel designed for use with individuals with emotional or neurological disabilities. A switch, communicator, toy, or other device is secured to the easel or plate with duolock (extra-strong Velcro) and the easel is clamped to a lap tray or table to prevent the user from throwing the device. OPTIONS: Sets of C-clamps are available separately. DIMENSIONS (LxWxH): 13 x 12 x 10.5 inches.


The SwitchBoard is a portable touch switch designed for use with communication devices. The SwitchBoard has six built-in pressure switches with clear overlay pockets in which pictures or symbols can be placed. Objects also can be used as visual cues on each switch area. To use, plug the cords from the SwitchBoard into the external switch jacks of any communication aid. When a switch on the SwitchBoard is touched, the communication aid is activated. DIMENSIONS: 16 x 12 x 0.156 inches. WEIGHT: 1.5

Ts-Xl Table Stand Mount

The TS-XL Table Stand Mount is an accessory for mounting communication devices on tables and desks. The mount holds the device firmly and features a Quick Release Mount (QRM) for attaching any Prentke Romich communication device. The QRM can be raised or lowered to accommodate individual device size and positioning requirements. The TS-XL Table Stand Mount has an integrated anti-tip function and automatic alignment of feet for solid seating on even and uneven surfaces. Its vertical bar folds dow


VoisEdit software is a communication device accessory and vocabulary enhancement program designed to allow users of the VOIS 160 synthetic- speech generator (see separate entry) to create vocabulary independently of the VOIS unit. The entire program is downloaded into memory in 1 to 10 minutes. COMPATIBILITY: For use on IBM computers.

Wireless Mouse

The Wireless Mouse is a communication device accessory designed for use by individuals with communication or speech disabilities. This mouse can be used as an access device for ComLink Communicators (not included; see separate entries) to activate speech output. It can also be used in programming the ComLink. The mouse uses a small USB-powered radio transmitter that plugs into one of the ComLink's USB ports and then communicates wirelessly with the mouse.

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