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Aism Direct

AISM Direct is case management software designed for use by special education teachers and educational administrators. This program can be used to track and manage academic intervention services for students with disabilities. It provides comprehensive, at-a-glance tracking of each student’s full AIS information on one scrollable page, including areas of assessment, to-do tasks, active intervention details, related areas and assessments, parent notifications, and progress reports. AIS plans can

Awesome Note

Awesome Note is an application designed for people with learning disabilities and other neurological impairments to help them with time management and organization. This application is built to give diverse views with folders such as thumbnails, lists, to-do, and diary. The user can organize the folders including to-do list, Study, Shopping, Travel diary, Books, and Favorites any way they like. Each folder allows a calendar view allowing for multitasking.

Behavioral Intervention Planning — Third Edition (Bip-3) Computer Version For Single User (Model (12293)

Behavioral Intervention Planning — Third Edition (BIP-3) Computer Version for Single User, model 12293, is a behavior assessment program designed for use by educators of students with disabilities. This CD-ROM version of the BIP-3 can be used to complete a functional behavioral assessment (FBA) and develop a behavioral intervention plan (BIP). It includes the same steps and forms used in the print version of the BIP-3, but information is keyed in instead of written, summary sheets are completed

Blindshell Android Application On Google Play

BlindShell is an application developed for visually impaired individuals. It is controlled by simple touch gesture. There is also a text-to-speech feature with vibration and sound responses. Blindshell contains the following applications: Call, Messages, Contacts, Alarm, Notes, Voice Recorder, Book Reader, Color Recognition, Settings, Information about State, Favorites and Missed Events. There is also an easy-to-use keyboard for writing numbers and texts. To purchase BlindShell see Google Play.


Case-e is a special education case management and Individualized Education Plan program designed for use by teachers, educational administrators, and service providers working with students with disabilities. Features of this tool for overseeing the IEP development and implementation tracking process include electronic IEP audits, IDEA compliance tracking, electronic IEP approval process, staff compliance alerts, automated report writing, integration with Waypoynt Medicaid billing (see separate

Class|Bridge Iep Program

The CLASS|BRIDGE IEP Program is an Individual Education Plan (IEP) program that allows special education professionals to administer tests, produce reports, and develop an IEP. The program includes more than 20,000 goals and objectives, and allows the user to add or edit goals and objectives. The program helps determine enrolled grade level skills based upon current functional level and determine strengths and weaknesses at all functional levels. The user can document progress against IEPs to g

Dynamic Acoustics

Dynamic Acoustics is a clinician training program designed to explain the fundamental concepts of sound and sound transmission through animated graphic displays. The text and program are divided into four chapters. Chapter One covers elements of molecular movement, simple harmonic motion, and the derivation of the sine wave. Chapter Two explores the nature of the waveform through a set of experiments that generate graphs of two waves. Chapter Three compares and contrasts different representation

Excent Medicaid

Excent Medicaid is a case management program designed for use by teachers of students with disabilities. This program tracks services provided to Medicaid-eligible students, and automates the Medicaid management process to ensure all encounters are documented and accurately transmitted. The software can also create reports, including annual reports comparing services promised in IEPs to actual services provided; end-of-year reports by provider, position, and total for the year; and quality assur

Excent Online

Excent Online is a case management program designed for use by teachers of students with disabilities. This software streamlines data management for special needs students and enables educators to enter student data online. Once data is entered it is available throughout the system to generate forms, reports, and letters. Data can be viewed and organized with flexible reporting options. For communicating with parents, administrators, and educators, the program includes built-in notices, consent

Excent Sif Agent

Excent SIF Agent is a database management program designed for use by educators of students with disabilities. With this program, educators enter student data once, and the data is transmitted to all other applications in use within the school district. The program helps in sharing information with local, state, and federal educational systems, and provides real time access to all student data.

Excent Tera

Excent Tera is a case management program designed for use by educators of students with disabilities. This program is flexible and customizable so it can be adapted to the requirements of each school district that uses it. The program is built around a common core of database elements dictated by state and federal requirements, customized to support the district's forms, reports, and processes. The program allows automation of case management processes, including state child count reporting and


GhostWRITER is a software program designed to automate the process of note-taking and report writing for therapists. To use the program the therapist fills out a check-off form or a DictaForm concerning a client and enters the information into the GhostWRITER program. From this data, the program analyzes the client's clinical profile and can generate a customized daily check-off form, note logs, progress reports, and discharge summaries for each client's file. COMPATABILITY: For use on IBM PC co


Grammarly is an online proofreading tool that checks text for grammar, punctuation, and style, and features a contextual spelling checker and plagiarism detector. It can be used by people with learning or intellectual disabilities, or anyone who would benefit from a grammar and punctuation checker. Grammarly scans the user's text for common and complex grammatical mistakes, including everything from subject-verb agreement to article use to modifier placement. 


HomeRoutines is an iPhone, computer and tablet application designed for users with attention deficit disorders. Create routine checklists, then complete them on chosen days of the week, with reminder notifications and a gold star for each completed task. User checklists can automatically reset - start fresh each morning, week, or month. Free online editing and syncing between devices.

iBGStar Diabetes Manager

IBGStar Diabetes Manager is an application for diabetes patients to manage their diabetes information. Users can record, track, manage and share their data. The user can also manually add their latest blood glucose reading, carbs, and insulin doses to their scorecard. Units are measured in mg/dL. Users may also tag readings according to mealtimes and add customized notes about each meal or exercise - anything that might be affecting blood glucose levels, etc.

Iep Checklist

IEP Checklist is an individual education plan (IEP) program designed for use by teachers of students with disabilities. This application (or app) allows the user to use their Apple iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to develop the IEP for special education students. The app features the ability to record IEP meetings and individual voice notes; the ability to export and print out custom notes; a dedicated checklist for review of notes and top priorities with active links to federal regulation website; a

Iep Direct

IEP Direct is a web-based Individualized Education Plan (IEP) program designed for use by school administrators and teachers. This special education program management software provides 24/7 online access for an unlimited number of authorized users. It allows real-time sharing of IEPs and student data between school districts and BOCES. IEPs can be drafted and viewed online, and state and federal compliance reports, accountability reports, and customized reports can be generated with a few click

Iep Planner

IEP Planner is an individual education plan (IEP) program designed for use by teachers of students with disabilities. This program can create all five IDEA required documents, including Evaluation Plans, Classification Summaries, IEPs (Initial, Annual Review, Re-evaluation, and Speech), Manifestation Determinations, and Behavioral Intervention Plans and 504 Plans. Most information is entered through drop-down lists and pop-up windows. All information within documents can be customized to meet th

Learning Assessment Programs (Laps)

Learning Assessment Programs (LAPs) are skills assessment and training systems and job readiness tutorial programs designed to diagnose and remediate basic math and English competencies for a job or technical skills training program for individuals with a cognitive or developmental disability. The Learning Assessment Programs were written to help identify the student or employee’s ability to handle job-specific math, communication, science, and problem-solving skills related to the workplace. Th

Lifeware System

The LIFEware System is an outpatient outcomes tracking and reporting system that documents functional outcomes achieved across a wide variety of outpatient settings, including outpatient rehabilitation clinics, physical therapy practices, standalone private practice sites or clinics, adult day service centers, cardiac rehab centers, pulmonary rehab centers, pain centers, wound care centers, and other settings. The system provides a method of evaluating outcomes for individual patients, groups of


Marathon is a software system developed for office management in physical therapy practices and rehabilitation agencies. The software is entirely menu-driven and has on-line help messages. The system has three basic components: Billing, General Ledger Accounting, and Practice Management. Billing which can file computerized insurance claims plus generate collection reports, delinquency letters, follow-up reports, and bills. General Ledger Accounting has functions for generating financial statemen


My-T-Mouse is a keyboard interface program designed to allow a mouse or any other pointing device (including track balls, pens, touch screens, joysticks, puffing devices, head mice, InfraRed, switches and digitizer pads) to operate within Windows without, or as an addition to, a keyboard to minimize movement and simplify multi-keystroke actions to a single action for persons with physical disabilities. The software contains 5 different U.S. (including ABCD, DVORAK and QWERTY) and 20 internationa

Noah System

The NOAH System is a case management program designed for use by audiologists and other hearing care professionals. Developed by a consortium of over 80 hearing care companies worldwide, this program provides a unified system for performing client-related tasks. When a professional measures a client’s hearing loss, whether with audiograms, speech tests, or loudness scaling, results are passed automatically to the common database, for use by any of several fitting systems from other suppliers. Th

Pennstar System

The PennStar System is a set of computer programs designed as administrative aids to special education professionals. The PennStar Curriculum Manager allows production of a curriculum that includes lists of learning objectives with related materials and methods, quality goal learning objectives, expected levels of achievement, and procedures for evaluation. The report generated is intended to serve as a resource for Individual Education Plan (IEP) production. The PennStar IEP Manager can be used

Pure Tone Simulation

Pure Tone Simulation is a clinician training program designed to teach audiometry technique. The program, which is accompanied by a 42-page printed text, has three windows: an audiometer showing all dial settings, which can be manipulated using the numeric keypad; an animated listener that raises his hand in response to the stimulus; and a graph window that shows either an audiogram, a masking curve, or a Hughson-Westlake response curve. Pure Tone Simulation is $149.50; additional copies are ava

R / Com

R/COM is a set of software programs designed to facilitate the operation and management of inpatient and outpatient medical rehabilitation facilities. The modules of R/COM may be purchased as a package or as individual units. The modules are: Schedule ($5000), for producing various types of schedules; Document ($2500) for recording and displaying patient progress in tabular or graphic format; Report ($2500) for generating reports on patients, staff, or rehabilitation facility based on informatio

SAM app

The Self Help for Anxiety Management (SAM) app is an application that is designed to help manage stress. The content of SAM is presented in various media formats in order to support users in learning about anxiety and practicing self-help. It is not text-heavy, and users will need to study the guidance to get the best out of SAM. Users are encouraged to build their own Anxiety Toolkit of SAM resources that they find helpful and to draw on this for regular practice in managing situations that are


SERVtracker is a case and clinical management and information and referral program designed to help home service providers, senior centers, nutrition services and other public and private organizations that provide services to seniors or people with disabilities. This software provides a central data repository for a service provider to store and access information about each client with whom they work. SERVtracker includes tracking, billing and accounting capabilities, and it has pre-loaded rep

Special Education Manager

Special Education Manager is an individualized education plan (IEP) program designed for use by teachers of children with disabilities. This software provides the user with tools to manage the paperwork required for special education students. It features a complete tracking and reporting system for the IEP, BIP (Behavioral Intervention Plan), ITP (Individual Transition Plan), and Texas Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS). The program includes more than 110 interactive forms.

Spectrum 1

Spectrum 1 is a series of computer programs for information management by rehabilitation professionals. The series consists of ten programs. The Spectrum Menu Builder is a user-modifiable program that allows menu access to the other software programs in the system. Additional modules include the Calendar Planning Manager, used to record and retrieve information on events; Procurement/Tracking, which enables the user to find the fee for a specific service by searching either on exact service name

Student Behavior Intervention Planner (S-Bip)

The Student Behavior Intervention Planner (S-BIP) is a behavioral assessment and Individualized Education Plan / Behavior Intervention Plan program (IEP/BIP) designed for use by teachers of children with disabilities. The program helps educators organize, analyze, and report problem behaviors; identify effective intervention strategies through Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA); and select Goals and Objectives to create an IEP/BIP. The program is available online or in a kit. The online veriso

Teach Me Business In Asl

Teach Me Business in ASL is a business management training program presented in American Sign Language (ASL) for use by people who are deaf or hard of hearing. This series of four DVDs provides step-by-step instructions about how to start a small business. The titles of the DVD are How to Choose a Name for Your Company; Choosing a Legal Structure; Step-by-Step Guide to Business Documentation; and Using Forms, Agreements and Services.

The Logical Choice (Tlc).

The Logical Choice (TLC) is an information and referral system for use by persons who provide referrals to clients. The person uses TLC to build a database of local, community, and state resources, which can then be searched and linked to a second database that tracks client inquiries. Referral information includes: service provider name (2 contacts), address, phone number, hours of operation, accessibility, ages served, reimbursements accepted, eligibility requirements, transportation, services

Truemanager Diabetes Management Software

TRUEmanager Diabetes Management Software is a case management program and medical information organizer designed for use by individuals with diabetes. This program allows the user to download glucose results from a TRUEresult, TRUEtrack, TRUEbalance, TRUEread, or Prestige IQ blood glucose meter. The user can view patterns and trends in glucose results, and print summary reports showing such information as the number of test strips used, average tests per day, pre- and post-meal glucose results,

Uds-Pro System

The UDS-PRO System is a comprehensive tool that combines patient assessment, outcomes management, and reimbursement functinality for use by rehabilitation facilities. The system combines the Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility Patient Assessment Instrument (IRF-PAI), case-mix group (CMG) assignment, and data transmission to both the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and Uniform Data System for Medical Rehabilitation (UDS). The system includes both Medicare and non-Medicare requireme

Understanding Decibels

Understanding Decibels is a clinician training program designed to provide training in the theoretical and practical aspects of decibel computations for audiologists. The program consists of two units. The Math Unit provides a review of scientific notation, ratios, logarithms, and antilogarithms, and gives step-by-step solutions to decibel-to- intensity and intensity-to-decibel problems. The Problem Unit can generate an infinite number of both intensity and sound pressure problems. Experience wi


VizZle is an academic, independent living and personal skills tutorial program and lesson authoring program designed for use by parents and teachers who work with children and adolescents with learning disabilities, autism and autism spectrum disorders. This subscription-based web application allows a user access to over 7,000 ready-to-use, customizable lessons. Users can also use flexible templates that can be modified for any age or ability level to build original content to meet exact student


Waypoynt is a case management program designed for use by school administrators. This program manages school-based Medicaid billing for services to students in special education, helping the school district to maximize Medicaid reimbursement with complete regulatory compliance. The program comes with on-site training and consultation, Medicaid audit preparation and representation, and electronic service documentation.


WellDoc is a remote health monitoring system and medication reminder program designed for use by individuals with diabetes. The system operates through the user's cell phone or other mobile devices or Web portals. The three components of the system are real-time patient coaching, expert system tools, and decision support tools. Patient coaching tools include testing and medication reminders, metabolic target ranges, out-of-bounds alert, and caregiver alerts and support. Expert system tools inclu


WinCHAP (Windows Computer Hearing Aid Program) is a hearing aid case management and database program desinged for use by audiologists. This program allows the audiologist to store basic information about patients and their hearing aids as well as measurements performed with a Fonix audiometer and/or hearing aid analyzer (see entries). The program can store patient contact and insurance information and hearing aid model, serial number, and warranty data. Built-in search tools facilitate the creat


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